Jordan Kuwait Bank Adopts Bluering Commercial Platform to Strengthen its Commercial Lending Operations

Jordan Kuwait Bank

Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) can benefit from an optimized commercial credit analysis and decision-making processes by modernizing commercial lending with a new version of the Bluering Commercial. 

Jordan Kuwait Bank announced its commercial lending process transformation by implementing Bluering Commercial, a leading digital lending solution for commercial loans.

With the launch of the Bluering Commercial, JKB will be able to automate and streamline the commercial lending process and acquire a leading position in the commercial lending sector.  This transformation demonstrates JKB’s commitment to innovation and its ongoing efforts to digitalization while providing safe and tailor-made journeys to commercial borrowers.

This project reflects JKB’s leadership in the banking sector and management’s forward thinking and profound belief in utilizing the latest technologies to drive the business and grow the Bank’s influence in the industry. 

Bluering Commercial is a comprehensive and agile platform that helps us expand our commercial lending operations and improve the experience for our employees and borrowers,” said Zuhdi Al-Jayyousi, Head of Corporate Business at Jordan Kuwait Bank. He added, “It is a step forward and a major advancement which was achieved with the efforts and hard work of the project team and stakeholders from both sides.”

Mr. Al-Jayyousi added, “Jordan Kuwait Bank can now manage the entire commercial credit cycle, from origination to decision making and credit administration. This solution automates and optimizes the entire lending process and provides the transparency and control needed for the entire process”.

Our top priority is to provide our customers with a bright future in banking and the best possible banking experience. This project is part of JKB’s digital transformation roadmap and an enabler for the Bank to achieve its mission and goals. It is our policy always to use the latest technology to achieve our goals with state-of-the-art technology,” stated Eng. Maher Abu Saadeh, Head of Information Technology at JKB. 

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About Bluering Commercial

Bluering Commercial is a comprehensive, flexible, and agile platform that streamlines and digitizes the entire commercial lending journey. The platform is developed with the best-in-class user interface and user experience and loaded with all the features needed to ensure top customer and employee experiences.

Bluering Commercial helps banks improve their overall efficiency and productivity, reduce operational costs, centralize their customer data, seamlessly integrate with internal and external systems and comply with risk regulations.